Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthday treat! - Chocolate buttercream frosting

Although his birthday was on the fourth, I couldn't celebrate my brothers birthday until the start of the weekend when he comes back from the capital city. Usually when its an unplanned celebration we simply order a fancy delicious cake. However, for a change I wanted to make the effort in baking something for him. Which he better appreciate! 

I remember viewing an awesome recipe months and months ago that looked absolutely delicious and was quite simple. The worst thing was that I couldn't find it. I almost spent straight three hours just looking for it on the web trying to remember what it was called. Im sure you know the sickening feeling of not finding something you really wanna find. And just when I was about to give up, I found it. Hooray!

Moist chocolate cake from Foodess, why were you so hard to find? 
Anyways now that I found it I hurried to the kitchen to bake this good looking before my brother arrives. I have to say its one of those recipes that are simple yet super tasty. 

Keeping it nice and simple meant that I just needed a good frosting to go with the cake and I'm ready. Nice and simple also means I'm still in my lazy phase hehe. 

My favorite two frostings to go with a chocolate cake are chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream. Although the ganache is more rich, I preferred a more sugary and fun chocolate buttercream to go with this cake. And I used the frosting to sandwich to of the cake layers together and cover it up.

As you can see from the above photo, I'm not the best decorator when it comes to celebration cakes. Definitely not in my lazy phase. So after running out of icing sugar I used a ready canned vanilla frosting to make the side swirls, and the same frosting to write on the cake. Although I prefer writing with melted chocolate. 

For the awesome Moist chocolate cake recipe from click Here.

Chocolate frosting

Makes one batch (I made 2 batches to go with this cake)

2 cups icing sugar 
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
45g butter, softened
8 tbsp milk (more or less depending on preferred thickness)
splash of vanilla extract 

1. Mix icing sugar, cocoa powder, 30g of butter and 4tbsp of milk using an electric mixer/stand mixer starting with low speed for 30s and then increasing to a medium speed until the mixture comes together.
2. Add remaining butter (15g) and 2tbsp of milk and continue mixing on high speed.
3. Add the vanilla extract and continue mixing.
4. If your happy with the thickness your done, if not add the 2 more tbsp of milk for a more spreadable and glossy frosting texture.

*Add more milk if you feel your frosting is still thick. However, don't over-do the milk!
*Cover and refrigerate frosting if not used at once.


  1. I hope your brother realizes how lucky (and spoiled!) he is, because that cake looks beyond incredible. The frosting really is often the best part, and this recipe would no doubt live up to that expectation. ;)

  2. Your cake looks so delicious ... and those strawberries .... and that chocolate buttercream ... all yummy!
    You have one lucky brother!